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Safety and Risk Management
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ETEC Consulting Group, LLC: We are a Management Consulting firm which supports many industries. The main elements in our business.
  1. Safety compliance solutions for the Petroleum, Chemicals, Biotech, Food Manufacturing, Water Supply and Distribution, and other industries that manufacture and use highly hazardous materials. We help with federal, state and local compliance issues, e.g. OSHA, EPA, CalOSHA and CalARP.
  2. Risk Management solutions to improve organization’s overall risk profile with respects to operations. We can help reduce accidents, improve facility safety and workers compensation costs.
  3. Training solutions to build your team's capability in Process Safety Management, continuous improvement and team building.
  4. Management solutions include implementing continuous improvement strategies, quality and performance management processes, as well as team building.
Mission: Our mission is to help clients "achieve safe and effective manufacturing and business operations." Our objective is to help clients continuously improve, so they can reach their full potential in profitability and well being.                                         
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ETEC Consulting Group, LLC’s projects worldwide
ETEC partners with QEM, Inc. to deliver innovative process for improving safety performance and workers comp costs. InControl ™ help….

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Leader and     Scribe     training   scheduled   for
1st Qtr 2005 in Long Beach.